Best Snacks for Road Trips

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If you’re planning any sort of long or short road trip (especially if you have kids) then you know having snacks on hand is a must. Now you can have a whole slew of snacks ideas for road trips to choose from for the whole family!

Why Should You Pack Snacks for Road Trips?

  • Saves Money – by bringing snacks and drinks for road trips you eliminate having to buy full-price and more expensive gas station snacks.
  • Healthier – if you have dietary restrictions and need certain foods this is a perfect way to stick to it and skip paying way too much for those items at a convenience store.
  • Portion Control – for kids this is an easy way to section out so they don’t fill up on one thing more than another and get a balanced snack (we don’t need sugar rushes on a 10-hour trip, right?)

Snacks for Road Trips Supplies You’ll Need:

Sweet Snacks

Peanut Butter Oatmeal Banana Cookies

That’s a whole lot of ingredients in the name but they are so delicious and worth it! Make sure to section these out so no one over does it on them.

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S’Mores Puppy Chow

Want to make a snack everyone may just fight over it’s so good? Puppy chow is delicious in every flavor and now you can even make it in s’mores too! Make sure to divvy it up into baggies to share!

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Frozen Jello Grapes

The kids will even love these frozen treats, plus you can also use them as ice cubes too!

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Cinnamon Sugar Pita Chips

The great thing about these pita chips is it only takes four ingredients and you can eat as many as you want!

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Zebra Popcorn

This popcorn recipe is going to be a hit with the whole crew on the road trip! If you like designer popcorn then this is right on track with name brands!

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Dehydrated Mango Chips

Sort of like the Apple Chips mentioned below, fruit chips of any kind are so much better homemade, less outside ingredients, and you know exactly what’s going into them! Plus once you make one fruit chip you can experiment with everyone’s favorites!

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Healthy Snacks

Lime Chili Roasted Almonds

These tiny bits of delicious only take 10 minutes to make and six ingredients! Section them into baggies for everyone to enjoy.

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Air Fryer Chickpeas

We all love a good crunchy snack while going down the road, plus if it’s easy to eat with one hand even better, right? Use your Air Fryer for a last minute road trip snack!

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Baked Apple Chips (Oven Version)

This healthy snack only need three ingredients to make! Super easy to make and separate into servings. (Plus it’s a low calorie snack too)

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Homemade Gluten Free & Vegan Fish Crackers

If you have specific dietary restrictions but hate missing out on Goldfish, here’s a homemade version that’s super healthy. It does require some prep work and takes only 10 minutes to actually make!

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Keto Cucumber & Turkey Sandwich

Like a little crunch with your sandwiches? These healthy bites are super quick and easy to make (they only take 2 minutes!) and you can make them in batches for everyone (switch the turkey for other meat as well).

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Protein Packs

If you’re trying to focus more on meals in the car rather than snacks these filling protein packs are going to be perfect! You can adjust portions for smaller kids as well.

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Snacks for Kids

Homemade Uncrustables

Not sure what it is about these but all the kids LOVE them! They are super easy to make and you can adjust to each child in the car ride to keep everyone happy!

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Ritz Bits Churros

Now I know we put this one under kid snacks but you might fight the kids over these, they are delicious! (It only takes 21 minutes to make a batch of these!)

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Homemade Peach Rolls

These easy to make homemade fruit roll-ups only take THREE ingredients to make! Plus you can also make it other flavors too.

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Pizza Chips

Ok so stay with us here, it works! Kids always love pizza, right? Now they can take it on the road and with less mess!

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More Snack Ideas

Spicy Cheese Crackers

Move over cheez-its there’s a new cheese cracker in town and it’s got some spice!

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Ranch Pretzels

Everyone seems to love ranch and now you can add that love to pretzels! Quick and easy with an air fryer too!

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5 Minute Cheese Snack Mix

This is a quick and easy snack mix and if you don’t prefer cheddar chips you can always switch it out for a different flavor!

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Ranch Oyster Crackers

Oyster crackers are super cheap! You can add other flavors besides ranch just in case there’s someone who doesn’t like ranch along for the ride. It only takes 25 minutes to make a batch and a batch is 10 servings!

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  1. So fun! I love the jello grapes. Can’t wait to give these a try with my kids on a summer trip.


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