DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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Skip the traditional ideas of gifts for Mother’s Day and make something personal and heartfelt this year with these amazing DIY Mother’s Day Gift ideas! Create something with the smaller kids and even the older ones (because, let’s be honest we’re all a bit of a kid to our mom right?)

DIY Mother’s Day Gift Craft Supplies:

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DIY Mother’s Day Gifts that Kids Can Make

DIY Marbled Nail Polish Mugs – (Only requires 4 supplies) You can get most of the supplies to make these from your local Dollar Tree. A great gift idea for some who drinks from mugs on a regular basis and you can customize it too!

All About Mom Printable – Now you may be saying what’s so awesome about a printable piece of paper right? Well it gives the kids a chance to share how they see their mom and we LOVE that! (You can then frame them in a nice picture frame from your local dollar store!

Colorful Popsicle Stick Picture Frame – Remember those photo prints we suggested in the supplies? Here’s why! These are so adorable and you can color them in their favorite colors! Get a picture that includes the mom and it’s a keepsake!

Mother’s Day Canvases/Cards – These can be made with canvases or thicker cardstock. While this one can be made with smaller kids, you can however create it with older kids too! Easy to make and you can find most of your supplies at your local dollar store too!

Coupon Books – These are the most underrated gift for Mother’s Day, they don’t cost a lot to make and mean so much to moms! Little kids and big kids can do these and they’re adorable to keep as memories or to actually use!

Clay Pinch Pots – These will require some help from bigger hands to help form but once they are dry you can let kids of all ages paint away and create something truly unique for mom!

Upcycled Pencil Holder – A great way to reuse supplies you already have at home! These pencil holders can hold way more than just plain old pencils! (Use them to hold mementos, craft supplies, and more!)

365 Reasons I Love You Jar – This might be a bit harder for young kids to think of but if you have multiple kids it can be a combined effort to complete! A great way to show mom every single day a reason why she is so loved and appreciated!

Nail Art Hearts – Nail art is so popular and it’s a great way to make something creative and unique! Older kids can help lay out the design and the younger kids can wrap the yarn!

Button Initial Decor – A cute way to use up a collection of buttons on a new gift! You need just 5 supplies for this gift and you can expand on it and make it into the whole name like Nana, Mama, etc!

DIY Mother’s Day Gifts that Older Kids Can Make

Rolled Paper Heart Card – (Only requires 5 supplies) This adorable card can be made with older hands (only because rolling the paper is a bit harder to get to stay put with smaller kids). After completion, you can frame it (combine two frames together for this look) and make it wall decor!

DIY Homemade Mom Ornament – These are amazing looking and super easy to make! It only requires seven supplies (some you may already have at home too) and a little bit of patience! Customize in favorite colors for an added touch.

Homemade Rose Petal Bath Bombs – Another great way you can use flowers, these homemade bath bombs take a few more supplies to create but you can create a bunch with just those few supplies! (Grab a jar from your local dollar store 1to gift them in and it provides an organized container!

DIY Floral Mom Letters – Only added to the big kid gift section because of the use of a hot glue gun, this beautiful gift idea is something that can be used as decor too! Use their favorite flowers (or paint the ones you can find in their favorite colors) and surprise them with something perfect for Spring!

Mother’s Day Wish Bowl – This is an amazingly thoughtful and creative gift idea! You can personalize it in so many ways and it’s a keepsake they can use all the time!

Mother’s Day Candy Bouquets – Combine some of moms favorites all in one big gift! These are a great way to gift things you know they’ll use and enjoy! (You can go to your local dollar store and grabs tons of items for these!)

Tile Photo Coasters – Capture some of the best mom moments in coaster form! You can get your photo prints for free with codes at your local drugstores usually. (Other supplies like mod podge and paintbrushes you can find at Dollar Tree!)

DIY Upcycled T-Shirt Bag – Use an old band t-shirt or one of their outgrown shirts they still have so much love for and turn it into something they can continue to use and love!

DIY Rice Packs – Give the gift or reusable heat packs! You can use some old clothing you have around the house or fabric in a favorite color/print from your local craft store! This just requires rice and fabric! (You will also need a sewing machine or a no-sew method to enclose the heat packs)

DIY Photo Magnets – Another great way to use personal photos to create a unique gift. These are smaller but you can scale them and make them larger to allow for bigger pictures!

Easy to Make DIY Mother's Day Gifts

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