8 Quick and Easy Fall Dinner Ideas

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It’s finally beginning to feel a little bit like fall this week in Texas, so I’m dreaming of comfort food , warm drinks, and cozy blankets!

If you follow along on our debt free journey, then you’ll know that we follow a bit of a unique meal plan around here.

We create a meal plan for one month, and rotate it for 3-4 months (sometimes longer)!

This helps us to stick to a budget, because we use a lot of the same ingredients that we already have in our pantry.

It also prevents us from saying “we can’t think of anything to eat”…and giving up and grabbing fast food or dinner out.

Although this works really well for us, sometimes we feel like a few new and exciting dinner ideas are in order!

I’m excited to share 8 quick and easy fall inspired dinner ideas with you today!

These recipes use seasonal veggies like pumpkin, butternut squash, and roasted potatoes.

Sticking to fruits and vegetables that are considered to be “in season” is an easy way to keep grocery costs low.

I hope you’ll enjoy these fall dinner ideas, and be able to work a few in to your weekly meal plan during these busy fall nights.

More Ways to Save on Groceries:

Pork Chops with Apples & Butternut Squash

Prepared in only one pan using simple ingredients, this fall inspired dish is both easy and frugal!

Butternut Squash Alfredo Pasta

Pasta recipes are some of my favorite because they are usually very quick and easy.

This recipe is amazing for those picky family members (ahem…toddlers), because the veggie is built right in to the sauce.

Roasted Pumpkin & Garlic Soup

This cozy fall soup recipe can be doubled easily to make cooking for a large family a breeze!

It also freezes well, so double up and stock your freezer with dinner for the future busy YOU.

Pumpkin Chili

Chili is the ultimate fall comfort food, and this recipe does not disappoint!

It is easy and can be made gluten free or vegetarian with a few simple switches.

Fall Roasted Vegetable Pasta

Adding in a few meatless dinner options, like this fall roasted vegetable pasta, to your family menu, can be a great way to save a few extra bucks each month.

Chicken and beef can be some of the most expensive items on your grocery list, so starting a meatless Monday tradition can be an easy way to stay frugal all season long.

Autumn Sheet Pan Chicken Dinner

Sheet pan dinners are the ultimate quick and easy solution to busy fall nights!

Autumn Pumpkin Ravioli

This recipe freezes well, so make sure to double (or triple) up so you can enjoy this fall inspired dinner all month…but only cook once!

Stuffed Butternut Squash

This dish only has 4 ingredients, so it’s the perfect quick and easy recipe for busy fall nights!

Try stuffing your butternut squash with different combinations of meat, cheese, and grains to find the combination that fits your diet and family preferences best.

I hope you are feeling inspired to bust out the pots and pans and cook some fall inspired meals at home this week!

Let me know which fall dinner idea you love the most.

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