Types of Vegetable Gardens  (For Beginners)

WHY DOES THE TYPE OF VEGETABLE GARDEN MATTER? Deciding that type of vegetable garden you want to start is key. You need to decide the area you’re going to work with, the type of tools you will need based on that type of garden, and so much more!

When deciding what type of vegetable garden you will start make sure you take into account the amount of room you have, the sun exposure, and your own physical abilities to tend the garden as well.

Focus on starting small and with a vegetable, you actually eat too! Keep in mind it does take time for sprouting, buds, and the actual veggies time to grow so be patient!

Raised Vegetable Garden Beds

Raised Gardens are best for those that may not be able to reach down to the ground as much as needed to grow a vegetable garden.

Potted Vegetable Gardens

If you live in an apartment or other small space you might not actually have a yard to plant it. That’s where potted gardens come in!

In-Ground Vegetable Gardens

An In-ground Garden is the classic in the yard garden. You will need to ready the area by pulling weeds and tilling the dirt to get it ready to plant in.