I decided to search high and low for some cheap or free things we could do that night to avoid spending a ton of extra cash.

Budget & Goal Setting

One thing I’ve noticed since Dan and I have started doing our budget together, is that our communication is way better, and we enjoy working together toward a common goal.

Take a walk or go to the gym

We are able to get our work out on and enjoy the gym’s free childcare benefits!


Volunteering can be a great reminder that even though you feel like you’re broke, you’re actually very blessed!

Brewery Tours

Check out brewery and vineyard tours in your area. They are often free, leaving you some extra cash to buy a few drinks at the end!

Netflix and... you know the rest!

My husband and I are always amazed at how quickly our friends (without kids) can blow through the latest Netflix series.

What are some fun cheap or free date night ideas that you love?