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Have a small kitchen space and need ideas on how to keep it clean and organized?

We know a few things about having a small kitchen to organize! It may seem like there’s never any room for anything but there is and then some!

Make the most of the room you do have (you’ll see the real potential of the space you have once you see some of these great kitchen storage ideas!

Small Kitchen Storage Problems

  • Counter Space – If you’re living with a small kitchen then you know that counter space is beyond limited. Having just a few things can look like clutter.
  • Cramped Room – You can really only have on person in the kitchen at a time, or it becomes an issue of having “too many cooks in the kitchen”.
  • Staying Organized – Having too many lids and not enough bowls, kids cups everywhere, silverware missing, the list goes on right?

Small Kitchen Problems Solved

  • If you feel like you have no counter space, you can solve that problem by hanging things. Utilize the walls in the kitchen to hang up hooks where you can hang towels or pots even.
  • Stay organized by using containers or bins to hold like items, even inside the cabinets this will help!

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Now let’s showcase some of the best ways to organize your small kitchen

Silicone Lids – These silicone lids can STRETCH! Replace all those missing lids with these and you’re good to go! Plus it also saves on buying aluminum foil and plastic wrap as often! (This is an 18pc set!)

Spice Shelf Organizer – If you store your spices in a cabinet then this Spicey Shelf is ideal for your kitchen needs (plus there are ways to use it in the bathroom for beauty products too!) Alternatively, you can also get a shoe organizer from your local dollar store and hang it on the backside of a door near your kitchen.

Spice Cabinet Door Organizer – If you want to free up more space in the cabinets, you can use these grippers to attach your spices to the inside cabinet door!

Wall or Cabinet Door Mount Storage Bag/Wrap Holder – Not sure what to actually call this one besides a space saver! Again if you have small spaces then use the cabinet doors! (Pantry door or cabinet doors work!) and free up drawers.

Plastic Bag Holder/Storage – If you save your plastic bags you know they can start to take up a lot of space! Now these plastic bag storage holders keep up to 60 bags! Just add from the top and pull as needed from the bottom.

Coffee Cup Storage – You can choose from a coffee cup tree that you can have on your counter OR take it up use a wall-hanging coffee cup hanger.

Collapsible Strainer/Collander – Throw away those bulk strainers and grab this amazing one! It stretches to fit over a sink and folds up super thin for storage!

Lazy Susan – Now you may have seen these used primarily for spices, but you can use them under the sink for your cleaning supplies too!

Cutting Board/Baking Pan Storage – These hang over the cabinet so it can clean up cabinet space! (Don’t believe round pizza pans will fit in these though)

K Cup Storage – If you own a Keurig and struggle with how to store the k-cups, there are two options. You can use this handy dandy magnetic k-cup storage that hooks right onto your machine OR use a k-cup storage bin.

Pot Organizer – Now you can use these to organize your pots, lids, or both! It comes with everything to use in three different ways so you can adjust with your space!

Outlet Space Saver – That’s right we’re even going to save space with the outlet. Do you have an Alexa or need a regular place to keep your keys? Use these in other areas of the house, therefore saving space in multiple rooms!

Collapsible Dish Strainer – If you need to dry dishes (without a dishwasher) then this is an easy way that won’t take up space afterward! It folds up for storage! (Great to use in addition to the collapsible strainer mentioned earlier)

Magnetic Fridge Space Saver – If you have one side of your fridge accessible you can use this cool organizer! Hang up your paper towels therefore saving space on your counters even more!

Kitchen Utensils (Kitchen Spoons) – Last but not least, organize and save space with this magnetic kitchen spoons set! They have a magnetic holder and stack together! (You get 5 spoons in this set)

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