What is Pinterest Good For? All About Pinterest in 2019

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Pinterest is my favorite marketing tool to drive blog traffic, build my email list, generate leads and sales, and make money online with affiliate marketing.

So, what is Pinterest good for, and will it work for your business?

The options are endless with how you can use Pinterest for your business.

What is Pinterest Good For?

Some ways you can make Pinterest work for you are:

  • Drive traffic to your blog or business website
  • Build an email list
  • Generate leads
  • Make sales
  • Make money online with affiliate marketing
  • Advertise
  • Build loyal fans
  • Get inspired
  • Learn new ideas and how to’s for your business or blog

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What is Pinterest good for?  EVERYTHING!

This will be a document that I will continually update with the best tips and tricks to use Pinterest for business and blogging success, so check back often for the most up to date information.

Updated January 2019

The first and most important thing that you need to know about Pinterest, is that it is not a regular social media site.

Pinterest is a search engine!  This means, that your Pinterest marketing strategy, needs to revolve around this idea.

Keywords and knowing what your target audience is searching for, are crazy important here.

If I need to find a recipe, the best baby gear, workout tips, or blogging ideas, I go to Pinterest, and your customers probably do to!

You must learn how to take advantage of Pinterest as a search engine, and turn searchers into buyers!  I will help you figure it all out.

What is Pinterest Good For?

Pinterest Marketing for Beginners

Setup Your Pinterest Profile for Success

Add your website URL and follow the instructions to claim your website in Settings.

Remember that Pinterest is a search engine, so you want to put keywords wherever possible in your profile.  Two important places to strategically place keywords, are your Business Name, and your “About You” description.

In settings, make sure to switch your profile to a business account so you can enable “rich pins” and have access to the valuable Pinterest analytics information.

What is Pinterest Good For?

Install Rich Pins

Rich Pins will add extra information to your pins, directly from your website.  It enables your pins to perform better.  It’s simple, and will set you up for success.  You only have to do this once, and it will be forever enabled on all of your future pins.

Board Setup

Create several boards for different topics in your niche.  You will want at least 5 boards per topic, with specific, well researched keywords.  Although, it’s fun to make up “cute” titles for your boards, the board titles should be searchable with keywords.  When you create a new pin, you want to have specific boards to pin it to, so you can let Pinterest know exactly what it’s about.  Pinterest will try to decipher based on your description and images, but you need to help her out a bit.  Don’t just “stuff” keywords into the description, they should be strategically placed in a conversational way.  For example, a board titled “Affiliate Marketing for Beginners”, might have a description stating, “Learn how to make money online with affiliate marketing for beginners”.

How to Pin on Pinterest Step by Step Guide

Step 1:  Set Up Your Pinterest Profile

Step 2:  Create at least 10 boards relevant to your niche.

Step 3:  Download the Pinterest Pinning button for Google Chrome so you can easily pin from any site.

Step 4:  Go to your website or blog post.

Step 5:  Hover over an image in the post, preferably a “pinnable” image 600 x 900 pixels. You will see a little Pinterest icon that says “save”.

Step 6:  A window will pop up.  Here you can add a keyword rich description with 4-5 hashtags.  Once the description looks good, pin the image to a related board.  You want Pinterest to know exactly what your pin is about.

Step 7:  Press save, and repeat!  After I save the pin to a board, I will then head to Tailwind and schedule the pin to 4 other boards that are keyworded for this pin.  You really want to tell Pinterest about your pin, so they can show it to the right people.  Once I have pinned to 5 personal boards, I will start pinning to group boards to get more exposure.

Now that your pin is out in the Pinterest realm, when someone clicks on it they will go to your website, Facebook group, or blog.  Yay!

Pin Design Basics

There has been several changes in pin size, and debate over which size pin performs best.  Right now, it seems the most popular and recommended size is 600 x 900 pixels.

Add 3-5 keywords and 3-5 hashtags in the Pin description.  Click here to download my free PDF of 100 popular Pinterest hashtags.  If you are pinning directly from your blog or website, you can edit the pin description to add hashtags or change the description before you pin it to a board.

Use BLOCK fonts, stock photos, and reds and pinks when possible.

I recommend Canva and Picmonkey for Pin design.  Canva is free which is great, especially if you’re a beginner and not looking to pay for a graphic design tool.

I also love Picmonkey which does cost an annual fee to use.  I love some of the features, fonts, and graphic capabilities a little better than Canva and so I like to have both as an option.

You can check out Canva and Picmonkey, and decide for yourself.

Create Pins that Convert

The most important thing to remember when deciding what to write on your pin, is that people are on Pinterest searching for a solution to a problem.  If your pin answers that problem, people are going to click through to learn more.

Pinterest rewards content creators, and the developers want you to create at least one new piece of content per day.  Yes, it seems daunting, but there are ways to repurpose old content and old pins just by changing up the image or colors, and think of it as a way to test different pins to see which ones take off better.

You can create a new pin in a blog post and pin from there, or you can create a pin directly to Pinterest.  It does not matter where it comes from, as long as it’s new and fresh.

When you create a new pin, a lot of pinners used to pin to a “Best of” board.  Pinterest needs some help to understand what your pin is about, so it’s actually best to pin a brand new pin to a board that relates to that pin.  A pin about affiliate marketing, should go to “Affiliate Marketing for Beginners” board.

Unfortunately, some not so nice people will steal your pins and use them as their own.  You can always report this if you catch them, but a good way to try to combat this is to make sure your URL to your website is on the image, preferably in the center so it cannot easily be cropped out.

Pin Descriptions

Keyword research is so important here.  This is how your pins get found and go viral.  Remember Pinterest is a search engine.  Aim to have 2 to 3 conversational sentences in your description with 2-3 long tailed keywords and 4 to 5 hashtags.

Group Boards

The benefit of group boards is that you can collaborate with other bloggers or entrepreneurs in your niche.  You can share their pins to more people and they will share yours.  Don’t just contribute your own pins to group boards and run off.  You will want to make sure you are sharing others as well.  Group boards are awesome because it’s almost like you are borrowing followers and viewers from other pinners.  This benefits everyone by getting more eyes on your valuable content that you’ve spent all that time creating.

What is Pinterest Good For?

How to Join Group Boards

Search for group boards that are specific to your niche and pins.  The first person listed on the board is the board owner.  Follow the board and the owner, then there will usually be instructions in the description of the board letting you know how to join the board so you can start contributing your pins.  Email this person and ask to join.  I usually say something like this:


I would love to join your group board XYZ on Pinterest!  I think I have some great content to contribute.  I have followed you and the board.  My Pinterest URL is http://www.pinterest.com/thefreckledfootdoc and my Pinterest email is (the email associated with your account).

Thank you,


You should request to join several boards.  Some board owners are super busy and will take weeks (seriously weeks) to get back to you and finally add you.  Don’t be discouraged if this happens.  I usually end up getting a flood of invites one day, and then seems like I’m waiting forever to hear back from others.  You will definitely get added, you just need to keep searching, keep applying, and be patient.

Do not comment on people’s pins asking them to add you to their group board.  This is against Pinterest’s terms of service.

Moving forward, emphasis is definitely going to be on your own niche specific heavily keyworded boards, instead of being a part of hundreds of “hodge podge” boards.  Try to stay clear of boards titled “Best Bloggers Ever” or “Pin All of Your Pins”.  You want to be a part of boards that are titled with keywords that fit your niche.

Pinterest Communities

This feature is brand spankin’ new, so there is not a lot of information out on how to best use the communities for marketing.  I’m sure more information will come along as they are used more and more.  I will continually update this post with the best and newest Pinterest information.  For now, try joining and participating in niche specific communities and make those connections!

Pinterest Marketing Strategies

Pinning Strategy- Manual Pinning

Manual pinning works great, and there are some people that actually prefer this method, and say they see better results than using a scheduler.  You will want to physically open up the Pinterest app and pin your pins to relevant boards at your highest traffic times.  These times can be found using Pinterest analytics, or Google analytics if you have a blog or website.

Even if you use a scheduler, you should still go in and some manual pinning throughout the day.  You probably use Pinterest anyway for recipes and mom tips, so go into the app and do your pinning every day if you can.  I always see a bump in traffic when I have been active in the app for personal reasons.

Pinning Strategy- Using a Scheduler

It is important to use a scheduler that is approved by Pinterest.  If you use a scheduler or marketing tool that is not approved, you will increase your chances of being marked as spam and having your account suspended.  My personal favorite is Tailwind, but here is a list of approved Pinterest marketing partners.

With Tailwind you can schedule your pins throughout the day without having to actually be sitting at your computer.  Automation is what we are all going for here, right?

You can try Tailwind for free here!

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What is Pinterest Good For Anyway?

Pinning Strategy- Best Time to Pin

Use Google Analytics or Tailwind to find when your followers are most active on Pinterest.  You should try to pin when your followers are most active, especially when you pin brand new content.  Pinterest will gauge a pin’s popularity based on whether or not it gets any engagement, and will then upgrade or downgrade the pin in your follower feeds.

To see your best time from Google Analytics, go to (Acquistion –> Referrals –> Pinterest, and set time to “hour”).

Pinterest Courses

There are several amazing courses out in the blog-o-sphere, that will walk you through any and all questions you could ever come up with for Pinterest!

I highly recommend the following courses, and have used them myself to master Pinterest.

Pinterest Ninja– Megan is an excellent teacher, and her in depth Pinterest guide, is easy to follow and covers everything you need to be successful on Pinterest.

Pin Practical Promotions– If you want to know how to run a profitable, low cost ad for your blog or business, Monica is the expert you need!  (You can enroll for free in her Pin Practical Ads Challenge!)

Become a Pinterest VA– This course will teach you, not only how to use Pinterest for yourself, but also how to make money as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant.  This stay at home side hustle is very in demand and you can make $25 to $50 an hour, or more depending on your skill level.

Affiliate Sale in 24 Hours–  If you are interested in learning how to make money on Pinterest with affiliate marketing, this course is for you!  I make passive income from Pinterest almost daily, thanks to this course.

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Your competition is not on Pinterest yet, but they will be!  Get started now on this amazing marketing strategy.