Turkey Toes Free Printable

Make the kid’s table at Thanksgiving a little more fun this year with these cute Turkey Toes candy corn gifts! Get the free printable to put them together easily!

You will have so much fun making this gift!

Gather your supplies!   -Candy Corn   -Square Snack Baggies   -Cardstock Paper

Step 1.


Print out your tags on cardstock paper. If you use regular paper, it will be too thin and won’t hold up well.

Step 2.


Fill your plastic baggies about half full with candy corn. You can do less if you don’t want to give that much, but don’t do more to ensure the tag fits correctly.

Step 3.


Cut out your turkey toes toppers (say that three times fast!) and bend them in half like shown below.

Step 4.


Use a stapler or a hot glue gun to attach the tags to the bag of candy corn. I prefer hot glue because it has a cleaner finish, and there won’t be staples to potentially damage little fingers!

Step 5.


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