Pom Pom Christmas Trees

Christmas decor can be so different! We love color in our house, and so our Christmas decor can reflect that! I love to craft during the holidays, and these trees are so much fun to make!

These DIY Pom Pom Christmas Trees are such a fun addition to your holiday decor! They’re an easy Christmas DIY that any age can make!

- Pom Poms - Styrofoam Cones - Hot Glue Gun

You will need:

Use hot glue to attach the pom poms starting at the bottom. Do one row, all the way around, at a time. Stack the pom poms on top of each other with each new row, with no space between them.


Hold each pom pom onto the cone after gluing for a few seconds to ensure good adhesion.



Glue all the way to the top, with the final row going just above the top of the cone.


Glue the last pom pom on top of your tree to cover the cone.

You could also add a small star, or even little string of battery-operated fairy lights if you wanted to glam up your pompom Christmas tree even more!

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