A fridge full of leftovers can be a blessing or a curse, it’s how you handle it that makes the difference. In this blog post, I’m going to talk about what to do with leftover food and go over 7 different ways to use them so that you never end up throwing away food aka money – because we all know that is an expensive habit!


MONEY LOSS Food waste can affect families and individuals in many ways, one of which is by the loss of money. You and your family’s food waste could contribute to an overall loss of money due to negative returns on your food spending.

FOOD LOSS A quite obvious way food waste affects families is through the loss of food itself. The United Nations states that an estimated one in nine people across the world do not have access to proper food sources in order to sustain healthy lifestyles.

CONTRIBUTES TO THE LARGER ISSUES Food waste is a worldwide problem that can be attributed to the climate crisis, hunger, wasted money and time, and other environmental issues. There are many ways you and your family can help to curb your part in this large-scale issue and begin with proper planning and managing of your food supplies and your leftovers.

HOW LEFTOVERS CAN CHANGE YOUR BUDGET AND SAVE YOU MONEY While leftovers may not sound appealing to the general public, saving money does! Surprisingly, leftovers can become a huge part of budgeting and savings when it comes to food expenses. Think of all the times you have thrown out those old leftover meals that no one in the family has touched in days, or even weeks!

HOW TO CHANGE YOUR PERCEPTION OF EATING LEFTOVERS We all have those in our families who are picky eaters, and getting them to eat leftovers may seem impossible but in this article, we are going to cover a few ways to change their perception and make eating leftovers a family tradition they will enjoy instead of dread.

ZERO WASTE MOVEMENT: CHALLENGE YOURSELF FOR 1 MONTH! The world is slowly coming to see the effects of waste of all kinds such as food, clothes, water, and even electricity. This waste creates larger issues that ripple out globally. That is why the Zero Waste Challenge was born.

WHAT TO DO WITH LEFTOVER FOOD There are many options on what to do with your leftover foods, and we will cover them below! Leftovers are usually the bane of all households, joked about, scoffed at, and refused by all of our resident picky eaters.

CREATING NEW DISHES FROM LEFTOVER FOOD One of the most popular ways to make your leftovers more appealing is to create new meals from them. This has become a popular trend, even taking over entire cooking shows who repurpose leftovers into fancy meals.