How to Organize a Small Pantry

This has been a great start to ensuring our small pantry stays organized and clutter free, but I am always interested in learning more and improving our household organization.

CLEAN AND PAINT BEFORE YOU BEGIN Joy from Joyfully Treasured has some excellent makeover tips for a small pantry.

GO THROUGH THE PANTRY REGULARLY An organized pantry can be as simple as doing a regular clean out.

FOLLOW THE 3 P’S FOR AN EASY PANTRY CLEAN OUT Stephanie from Simple Modern Mom recommends an easy way to control and clean out your kitchen clutter, which is so important if you’re working with a small space. She says to follow the 3 P’s: Purpose, Place, and Purge.

STICK TO A MEAL PLAN Our pantry is super tiny! The best way we are able to keep it organized is by sticking to a meal plan and shopping for only what we need for our meals in a given week.

MAKE A SPACE FOR YOUR COOKBOOKS Sarah from Feast for a Fraction, suggests giving your cookbooks a space in your pantry in order to keep them away from the stove.