Easy Christmas Tree Charcuterie Food Board

This easy Christmas Tree Charcuterie food board tutorial is perfect to make with your kids for all of your holiday gatherings. It also makes a fun Christmas themed snack idea for after school or holiday movie night with the family.


– 1 oz grapes – 15 feta cheese square pieces – 3 raspberries – 12 blueberries – 1 oz macadamia nuts – chocolate sprinkles

For this Christmas wreath charcuterie board, start forming the base of the “Christmas tree” with chocolate sprinkles.

You can perfectly get this step done only with your hands, but if you find it difficult you can take a mold of the height and width of the tree, fill it with chocolate sprinkles and then remove it.

Once you have the tree trunk, start with the upper part. The first two rows are grapes and in between you will place some feta cheese square pieces.

The next two rows will be blueberries and the last ones, grapes with feta cheese in between again.

Your beginner chefs will love to help out with this one in the kitchen!