DIY Winter Scarf Wreath

This adorable DIY Winter Scarf Wreath is such a simple wreath craft that will work on your front door for the whole cold season! You only need three supplies to make it!

This Winter Scarf Wreath DIY is going to be one of the quickest and most simple wreath tutorials you’ve ever made!

- Long winter scarf - Winter wreath form - Wreath Pins

You will need:


Arrange the scarf so that one end is dangling over the front of the wreath as shown below. This is what your scarf should look like before you start wrapping.

Be sure to wrap the scarf snug, and to make sure you’re covering any gaps so the wreath form doesn’t show through.



When you’re finished wrapping and are satisfied with the placement of the scarf, it’s time to pin it into place!

Hang your wreath on a wreath hanger, and display it all winter long! It’s such a simple winter DIY project, and will look great on your front door!


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