Christmas Charcuterie Board

Make this fun and festive Christmas Charcuterie Board this year for your holiday get togethers!

Mix and match to make your Christmas snacking fun with this adorable snack tray full of themed foods!

- Charcuterie Board - Christmas Themed Snacks - Small Bowls or Cookie Cutters

You will need:

Get your tray out and make sure it’s washed before you place food directly on it.


Gather your Christmas snack foods and open packages to make putting your Christmas snack tray together easy.



Start with your biggest items and then work your way to smaller items to make sure your board has balance.


We used a reindeer shaped cookie cutter to hold the M&M’s and keep them in place on the board.

Make groupings of like items and be sure to split up colors etc to make it most appealing to the eye. Charcuterie boards are not hard to create, you just need a lot of food options in different types!


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