20Best Dog Parks & Walking Trails In Dallas Forth Worth Area

If you are looking for the best Dog Parks & Walking Trails in the Dallas Fort Worth Area, then you have come to the right place.

Dog parks are great if you’re looking for a place to let your furry friend play, run off some energy, socialize with other dogs, or just have fun and Dallas Fort Worth has some of the best in the US!


This dog park is located in Northern Dallas and is an expansive 22.3 acres, so you should have no worries about letting your dog off the leash to enjoy this park to the max.


White Rock Lake is one of the largest lakes in Dallas, and luckily this dog park is right next to it! This 3-acre dog park is an off-leash park where your large and small dogs can enjoy it at their own comfort, with two separate fenced-in areas to designate your dogs by size for their safety.


Indoor dog parks may be a little hard to find in some places, but 2nd family dogs deliver with a mix of indoor and outdoor play facilities. This location has two outdoor play areas for dogs that are separated for small and large dogs to minimize any risks.


If you want to treat your dog to a day out, then Urban Paws in Dallas is just what you need! An all-encompassing indoor dog park which offers a spa, daycare, boarding, and even training for your furry best friend if they need it.


Much like the other options, this is a combination of groomer, boarding, and doggie daycare. So, whatever your needs are, Kinder Kritter is ready and willing to give your pet the best time ever!


Your dog probably loves being outdoors, but you may still want to visit the city without leaving completely. If that is the case, then the Katy Trail is the perfect mix of both worlds.


Turtle Creek Trail is a beginner-friendly trail located in the city and is a part of the repurposed railway system. Being a part of the rails to trails system, this is a nice flat hike that is shorter than the other options.

THE DALLAS FORT WORTH AREA HAS A LOT OF GREAT DOG-FRIENDLY PARKS & WALKING TRAILS TO DISCOVER Which park have you been to? Let me know what you (and your pup) think of these dog parks!