30 Easy DIY Christmas Coffee Table Centerpiece Decor Idea

These ideas are not your traditional floral or candle holiday arrangements, but unique and creative ideas that will be a fun conversation piece at all of your holiday gatherings!

DIY Non-Edible Gingerbread HOuse

This gingerbread house is non edible and will last for many years, so you can use it as a Christmas coffee table centerpiece and not worry about the dog taking a bite!

Magical Christmas Lanterns with Kids

These beautiful lanterns are a fun Christmas centerpiece project to do with your kids. It's a very frugal project and you can recycle your old jars.

Burlap Ribbon Christmas Tree

This ribbon Christmas tree is a rustic centerpiece idea that could also be placed on your mantle or bookshelf.

Mason Jar Lid SnowMan

This mason jar craft is such a fun way to use up all those old jars .you've been saving! Use as an adorable coffee table centerpiece or on your kitchen counter.

Christmas Village Shadowbox

This village shadowbox is fun to make, and adds a unique vibe to your Christmas coffee table.

Each Christmas centerpiece idea has a complete tutorial with a supply and material list included. If you have any of these items lying around the house, gather them up so you can use what you have instead of needing to buy new craft supplies for your DIY projects.