Tips for Wearing High Heels Without Pain

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I’ve noticed, since becoming a mom, that I rarely wear high heels. It’s not that I don’t want to, but carrying toddlers, car seats, and diaper bags is a little more difficult on a small surface area.  That’s why I was so excited to find an adorable wedge that’s comfortable, and perfect to wear with all my summer dresses!

The SAS Layla is beautifully designed. The adjustable straps and cushioned insoles are made of real leather, which provide long lasting quality and comfort.

Tips for Wearing High Heels Without Pain #shoes #highheels #heels #footpain
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As a podiatrist, women are always asking me if it’s okay to wear high heels, or if wearing high heels for many years is the cause of their foot pain.  It’s true that high heels might not be your best option for shoe gear, but much like cheesecake, some things are okay in moderation.

Tips for Wearing High Heels Without Pain #shoes #highheels #footpain #heelpain #feet
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Follow these guidelines, when choosing a high heel shoe:

1. Choose a well constructed shoe. I recommend SAS shoes to my patients because I know they are well made, with great arch support and high quality materials.

2. Pick a low heel height. If the height of your heel is too high, you will place an abnormal amount of pressure onto your forefoot, making you susceptible to pain and disorders such as neuromas, or stress fractures.

3.  Select a Round or Open Toed Shoe.  Pointy shoes, or shoes that are too narrow, make your toes crowded, which can lead to numbness or pain.

4.  Avoid Stilettos.  It’s better to choose a thick heel, or wedge to allow yourself better balance and avoid injury.  Balancing yourself on a tiny stiletto peg could put you at risk for ankle sprains or fractures.

5.  Limit Your Time in Them.  If you wear heels to work, bring a pair of tennis shoes for the commute home.  Don’t make high heels your daily shoe of choice, if you don’t have to.

Using these tips, you can feel better about wearing your cute summer heels!  The SAS Layla is the perfect combination of comfort and style, so I can focus on chasing after my tiny tribe, and not on foot pain!

Tips for Wearing High Heels Without Pain #shoes #highheels #footpain
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SAS Layla Shoes // Striped Dress

Thank you SAS shoes for the complimentary shoes!

What are your tips for wearing heels, and chasing toddlers?  Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to follow!

*post contains affiliate links, full disclosure here.

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  1. I struggle to wear heels now so this is really interesting to read. These shoes look great and really comfortable.

  2. I use to love wearing heels, then when I was pregnant with my first son I became hooked on flats. Now, you never catch me in anything but flats. I would love a comfortable wedge to dress up an outfit a little more. I love the look of these, they look comfortable but are fashionable too!


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