10 Easy Recipe Ideas for Leftover Mashed Potatoes

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Need an easy recipe idea of all those leftover mashed potatoes?

I’m a huge advocate for using leftovers in order to save time and money.

If you’re on a budget, making sure to use up every last drop of food that you have, can go a long way to save you money.

I teach busy women to cook 3-4 times per week max, double the recipes, and have leftovers the next night.

It’s not necessarily the leftovers that help you to save money, but it’s the fact that you are cooking less, which leads to less burnout, and more likely that you will actually stick to your meal plan…and eat at home!

Every time I make mashed potatoes, I always have way too much!

Leftover mashed potatoes are the perfect food item to use, to make a second hearty meal that your family will love.

Also, using one part of a meal to make a completely different meal the next night, is a good hack to sneak in leftovers for family members that turn up their nose to the idea of repeating dinner!

I hope you enjoy these cheap and easy, leftover mashed potato ideas and feel inspired to give leftover night a go!

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    10 Simple Leftover Mashed Potato Recipe Ideas

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