Tips for Success in Online Marketing without Facebook

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Am I the only one who is totally over Facebook right now?

The crazy algorithm has small businesses and entrepreneurs totally suffering.

I’m in Facebook jail every other day for sending messages to people, and don’t even get me started with the complexities of Facebook ads!

In fact, as little as 2% of your Facebook followers actually see your posts.

How would you like some tips for success in online marketing for your business, without relying on Facebook?

Tips for Online Marketing Success

Wouldn’t you love to be able to succeed in your small business online, without spamming your friends and family on Facebook?

These 5 Tips for Success in Online Marketing, will have leads reaching out to you, instead of chasing after them.

WebTalkTips for success in direct sales without Facebook

Have you heard of Webtalk?  It’s being marketed as the new Facebook, but without the unfavorable algorithms.

With Webtalk you can organize your contacts into categories such as, professional, personal, or business.  You control who sees what and when, so you can keep personal and business contacts separate.

You can add labels to your contacts, which is great for business organization.  You can also add keywords to a potential prospect so that you can remember things about them, and make them easily searchable for later.

Webtalk allows you to have an online resume to showcase your portfolio, degrees, certifications, photos, and videos.  Businesses can showcase their products, ratings, and reviews.

There is also earning potential.  Webtalk will pay out 50% of all revenue through an affiliate program called Social CPX.  Sites like Facebook, Linked In, and Amazon bring in tons of ad revenue, but of course their users don’t reap the benefits of that money.

Webtalk will share the money they earn through their advertising, upgrades, talent solutions, and transaction fees, and they will share it with you.

Join now and invite everyone you know.  The affiliate program will be tiered and will have the biggest benefits for those who join early.

It’s free but you have to be invited.  Join now with my referral link, and start networking on a platform where people ACTUALLY see your posts!


Pinterest is my absolute favorite tool to use for online businesses.

I use Pinterest to drive traffic to my blog, generate leads, and make money online with affiliate marketing.

The ways to use Pinterest to succeed online are endless, and the platform is continuing to grow.

There are 2 billion searches on Pinterest every month, and users are looking to buy!  If you’re not using Pinterest for your business yet, you should get started.

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Blogging is a great way to offer value to your prospects and potential customers, without being “salesy”.  Every business should have a blog to drive traffic and sales to their products and offers.  Read more about why your business needs a blog, and head here to start your blog in a few easy steps.

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Email Marketing

The fortune is in the follow up they say, and email is a great way to follow up with your prospects and customers.

If you have an excellent email service provider, there are even ways to build fancy sales funnels, landing pages, and automate email delivery so you can communicate with your list without even doing a thing!

It can take anywhere from 4-10 contacts with a lead before they actually purchase or join you.  Make sure you are collecting emails and following up.

I like Aweber or Mailchimp for beginner email marketing, and I love how easy it they are to integrate into my business plan.

An email list is important because you own it.  Social media sites are always changing, and what would happen to your business if your Facebook group just disappeared one day!

Try Aweber for free for 30 days, and start building your list.

Create an Ebook

Creating an ebook probably sounds crazy complicated, but it’s really as simple as knowing how to use Microsoft Word or Canva.

An ebook works as a great “lead magnet”, in order to collect emails and get people on your list.

You can make an ebook and then offer it to your prospects for free in exchange for their email.

The ebook can have your products integrated throughout the content or show your potential customer how the product will benefit them, or how to do something related to your product.

This will work for any niche.

You could write an ebook on fitness or healthy living if you sell weight loss products, or an ebook on how to take better care of your skin if you’re in the skin care and makeup industry.

You can always contact me and I will gladly help you come up with an ebook idea.

Tips for Online Marketing Success

I hope these 5 tips for success in online marketing for your small business, have given you some ideas on how to generate leads and prospects without good ol’ Facebook.

Let me know in the comments if you have success with any of these platforms.