20+ Sheet Pan Dinner Ideas

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Need something quick, tasty, and new for dinner? Why not try a sheet pan dinner? Sheet Pan Dinners are lifesavers and a great way to use up stuff in the fridge to make something new for the family to try!

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So what is a Sheet Pan Dinner?

A sheet pan dinner is essentially a one-pot meal, just bake it in the oven instead of on the stove. Sheet Pan dinners are meals made on one cookie sheet (or deeper if need be) that require only a few ingredients and have an easy clean-up afterward!

How do Sheet Pan Dinners Save Money?

Sheet Pan Dinners help you save money by limiting your need to get take-out, you can cook a whole meal in 30 minutes while you’re getting home and unwinding. Plus you can buy some items that are used for multiple sheet pan dinners in bulk, like potatoes and it makes the overall grocery budget a bit cheaper.

Sheet Pan Dinner Supplies: a few things you’ll want to have on hand

  • Cookie Sheet
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Seasonings of choice
  • Meat (if applicable)
  • Veggies

There’s such a wide range of meals to make into a sheet pan dinner so we’ve got the best ones we could find and separated them into a couple of different categories.

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Seafood Sheet Pan Dinners

Shrimp Boil Dinner – This entire meal takes less than 30 minutes to complete from start to ready to eat AND only requires four food ingredients!

Shrimp Boil Sheet Pan Dinner Recipe

Italian Roasted Salmon Dinner – Throw some salmon in the mix and complete this dinner in 30 minutes and feed 4-6 people (depending on serving size).

Combine salmon, veggie of choice, and potatoes on one sheet pan for dinner in under 30 minutes

Shrimp Fajitas Dinner – Try something new with shrimp fajitas! You can marinate the veggies beforehand in a Ziploc bag for added flavor too! 

Mix shrimp with veggies and a hint of lime for some extra spice and everything nice in this sheet pan dinner

Lemon Garlic Shrimp Dinner – Add 5 ingredients plus your choice of seasonings, 30 minutes, and you have an amazing zesty meal for the whole family!

Add some zest to dinner with this lemon garlic shrimp and veggie dinner

Pork Sheet Pan Dinners

Italian Sausage and Potatoes Dinner – Combine a budget-friendly meal with a quick meal and you’ve got an all-around winner for dinner!

Add italian sausage and potatoes onto a flat cookie sheet and bake in the oven for an easy and quick dinner

Porkchop and Potato Dinner – This is a way to skip the fried and bake those pork chops for a healthy choice. Dinner is done in just 30 minutes (if you prefer your pork chops well done!)

Healthy and easy way to eat porkchops on a cookie sheet with potatoes

Beef Sheet Pan Dinners

Steak Fajitas Dinner – Just like the chicken fajitas recipe below, this cooks up in about 30 minutes and is an easy way to feed multiple people for less. (Serve with tortillas and/or rice as well)

Easy sheet pan dinner way to make steak fajitas on one cookie sheet

Parmesan Crusted Steak and Potatoes Dinner – Another 30-minute dinner to add to the meal plan, this one does take a few more ingredients than other sheet pan dinner ideas but it looks like it’s entirely worth it!

Tender flank steak cooked with diced potatoes and vegetable of your choice in a sheet pan

Mini Meatloaves and Veggies Dinner – Try something new with these little mini meatloaves! Great for smaller families, and adds in some veggies with the seasonings from the meatloaves too!

Make small mini meatloaves with your choice of veggies and potatoes on the side to complete a meal

Beef & Broccoli Dinner – Skip paying the expensive take-out meals and cook a classic favorite right at home! Cook this delicious meal in just 30 minutes in your oven!

Make your own beef and broccoli dinner in your own in just 30 minutes

Chicken Sheet Pan Dinners

Maple Mustard Chicken with Roasted Squash Dinner – Combine your favorite squash, chicken cut, dijon mustard, and a rare addition…maple syrup to make a delicious new dinner!

Ranch Chicken and Veggies Dinner – Cook this entire meal in 30 minutes or less! You likely have most of these ingredients already in your cabinets too!

Ranch Chicken and Veggies Sheet Pan Dinner

Chicken & Gnocchi Dinner – If you’ve never tried gnocchi but like potatoes then you need to give this dinner a try! Overall this sheet pan dinner only takes 30-35 minutes from prep to done!

Chicken Sheet Pan Dinner that features veggies and gnocchi

Chicken Fajita Dinner – Like most sheet pan dinners, this delicious dinner only takes about 30 minutes to complete and you can customize it with different peppers for a spicy touch too!

Delicious chicken fajitas made into a sheet pan dinner including the classic chicken, peppers, and tortillas

Stir-Fried Chicken Teriyaki Dinner – Skip paying for expensive take-out when you can make your own at home! Serve this with rice to help fill everyone up.

Make a popular favorite at home with this Chicken Teriyaki Sheet Pan Dinner recipe

Chicken Parmesan Dinner – A new spin on a classic dinner meal, this easy-to-make chicken parm sheet pan dinner has all the taste and none of the mess. After all, you’re using a sheet pan so you can throw away the foil afterward and all done!

Easy to make chicken parm dinner completed with broccoli or your choice of veggie

Veggie/Non-Meat Sheet Pan Dinners

Nacho Dinner – This one is sure to be a hit with the whole family because it’s like a massive plate of nachos everyone can enjoy!

Quick and easy nacho sheet pan dinner recipe.

Healthy Butternut Squash (Vegan friendly) Dinner – If you have a family who doesn’t eat meat this is perfect! This dinner does take a bit more time than traditional sheet pan dinners, prepare for this one to take about an hour (if you aren’t soaking the ingredients).

Try a vegan dinner tonight with butternut squash and other veggies combined to make a tasteful and filling dish

Keto Vegetable Dinner – Follow your Keto diet and still eat some amazing meals that the family will even enjoy! This recipe even breaks down the carbs included so you can easily keep track of your stats.

Keto Dinner Recipe featuring all vegetables and seasonings

Crispy Cauliflower Fried Rice Dinner – Add something amazing to your Keto, Paleo, and Whole30 recipe list with this crispy dinner idea. However, this recipe does take about 40 minutes from start to done.

Whole30, Paleo, and Keto friendly recipe featuring cauliflower and more

List of Sheet Pan Dinner Ideas you can make in 30 minutes or less

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