SEO Tips and Tricks to Get More Traffic

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Search engine optimization (SEO), is something that many people are afraid to tackle because it sounds super complicated.  I know with my first blog, I focused on social media marketing and didn’t really care if people found me on Google.  I figured enough people would visit my page from Pinterest or Facebook.  This is a huge mistake!  SEO is simple y’all!  Don’t be afraid to tackle it.

Here are a few quick and easy tips to boost your SEO and get you on page ONE of Google searches.  Scroll to the bottom for a link to a totally free training webinar, where “SEO Man” Rob Fore takes you step by step through setting up your blog for rankable SEO.

Boost Your SEO in 5 minutes with these Quick and Easy Tips

  1. Comments–  Did you know that comments can actually hurt your SEO?  I was totally blown away by this!  It is better to use the “FB Comments” plug-in on your site for people to use to make comments.
  2. Permalinks–  Go to settings, then Permalinks and under “common setting” select “Post Name”.  This will allow your permalink to contain the name of the post.  I thought it would default to this but no, you must go in and change it!  If you have an older blog and want to change your URLs, don’t do anything until you read this post on link redirection!
  3. Pages–  You must have a Privacy page, Terms of Use page, and Contact page for Google to choose to rank you.  This is non negotiable!  You can take a look at mine to get ideas if you’re not sure what to put there.
  4. Plug Ins–  Make sure you have Yoast SEO, Jetpack by WordPress, Akismet, and Contexual Related Posts set up correctly.  The web training below walks you through this step by step.
  5. Archives–  In your Yoast SEO settings, go to archive settings.  You want to disable author archives and date archives because it will just send duplicate data to Google which can be harmful for your SEO.

These were some of the most eye opening issues that I had, that were so easy to fix!  To learn more about SEO, and get a step by step walk through of how to set up your site, you can access this helpful free training video by “SEO Man” Rob Fore, here.

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The Complete Guide to SEO, Access the Free course and get more traffic

Does learning SEO scare you?  Good!  Make it your goal to tackle it today!