Pinterest for Business- Are You Selling on Pinterest?

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Pinterest and business are like peanut butter and jelly, or they should be!

However, I have found that many people don’t know how to use Pinterest to build their business the way they should.

In fact, many business owners have no clue that you can generate sales and leads for your business or blog on complete autopilot using Pinterest.

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Pinterest for Business

Pinterest for Business- 6 Reasons You Need to Be Selling on Pinterest

Pinterest for Business

72% of Pinners say Pinterest has introduced them to a new product or service.

  • This means your products or services are waiting to be discovered on Pinterest.
  • People love to discover new products, and Pinterest is a great way to find new things to try.

90% of weekly pinners say they use Pinterest to make purchase decisions.

  • When I want to know the best skincare products, hair care, or weight loss programs, I often turn to Pinterest first.
  • This is also true for 90% of Pinterest users!

Pinterest drives 33% more referral traffic to shopping sites than Facebook.

  • We all know how difficult the Facebook algorithm can be to crack.
  • Pinterest can drive more views and purchases to your business, if you know how to leverage the platform.

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Other social media sites have less than a 24 hour reach.

  • Once your pin is circulating around Pinterest, purchases and website visits will continue, even months after that initial pin is published.
  • In fact, half of site visits occur 3.5 months after that first pin, and half of purchases are made 2.5 months after pinning.
  • Patience is key with Pinterest marketing.

7 in 10 moms are on Pinterest, and we all know who makes the purchasing decisions in the house!

Pinterest and Direct Sales

97% of searches are unbranded.

  • This means people aren’t necessarily looking for the best Sephora lip gloss, they are just looking for lip gloss.
  • People are excited to see new products and are not brand loyal in their searches on Pinterest.
  • Learn to leverage Pinterest, so buyers can discover YOU!

If you aren’t sure how to start using Pinterest for your business, check out my in depth post on How to Use Pinterest for Beginners.

Need help?  I side hustle as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant and would love to help you!  Contact me for more information.

Pinterest and Direct Sales