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Finding activities can be a challenge for your kids, especially when school is out (on spring break or holidays), but finding activities for kids outdoors shouldn’t be quite as difficult as when you are stuck inside.

I don’t know about you, but too much screen time is my number one source of “mom guilt” and so I’m always making it my intention to get outside more. I always hope that if I can get the kids to have so much fun outdoors, no one will even give the electronic devices a second glance!

Aside from battling the appeal of technology, we also have the challenge of making sure we stay on budget! As nice as it sounds to head to the zoo or aquarium every weekend, it’s just not possible on our debt pay off plan.

No worries though, it is possible to have good old fashioned out door fun with the kids, right in the comfort of your backyard or neighborhood block.

It may take some new ideas or just some plain and simple old-school kind of games. Either way, the outdoors can be fun again!

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    8 Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Enjoy the Outdoors More Often

    Ask Your Kids What They Like Doing

    When you want your kids to be more outside than inside, you need to ask questions to your children and find out what they like.

    Being able to identify with your kids on their interests will help you find those precious moments for them to spend in the sun.

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    Bring Out the “Throwback” Neighborhood Games

    Try some good old neighborhood pastime – games such as Red Rover, Tug of War, and Freeze Tag.

    Teaching your children how to play some games that you used to play as a kid, you will have an activity you can do together and make it more memorable to them for years to come.

    Every day kids want to know what you did as kids, and by showing them that can even bring back memories for you. Once you have shown them games to play, they will be more creative in starting their own games.

    Incorporate Water Play

    Every kid loves Sprinklers and Slip-n-Slide’s! Getting them some toys to cool down during the hot summer days will never get old to them.

    They want to get wet when it is hot and cool down, so by having it easy for them to do, they probably will stay out there for hours and play in the water.

    Even just having the hose easy for them to get to and have water fights will turn into something that will help them use their creativity in creating outdoor fun.

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    Fun with Boxes

    If you are sticking to a budgetand your kids want to make forts outside, go and get boxes for them to use in making their private forts.

    You can go to the local Grocery Store, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Walmart, Target, any of these stores will give you boxes just find out when they have them after big shipments, before they break them down.

    Even furniture stores will be able to give you large ones so they can be more creative in building their fort, and the good thing about using boxes is that they are easy to take down and are not permanent, so they can rearrange their fort to many different styles.

    Create a Backyard Oasis

    Make sure when you are setting up activities outside that it is in a safe area and not a lot of traffic; that way, you can relax just a little in knowing that there isn’t as much harm for them.

    If you have a big back yard or even a little one, you can buy a kiddie pool and use it as a pool, or go down to your local landscape yard and buy some sand that should last you year-round as long as you keep it covered when they are not playing in it.

    You can create that park feeling in your own backyard without even driving anywhere.

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    Boost Creativity with Household Items

    Encouraging creativity for your kids is very important to their social communication with other kids; having them use things around the house that you don’t use to create games, will be something that will take time for them to build then time to play.

    Things that you can have them do is create a maze outback with string or rope and have obstacles for them to go through so they can have races.

    Raise Little Entrepreneurs

    Teach your kids about money and work, by building a little lemonade stand. This will build their confidence in talking to people, but make sure it is in front of your house, so you know who they are talking to.

    Organize a “Treasure” or Scavenger Hunt

    You can create a treasure hunt for them and make and show them how to make a map so they can take turns with each creating this fun pirate game looking for lost treasure.

    Just remember when you go over games and ideas for them to do outside that you have your rules still set for their safety in what areas they can play in and what they can use.

    Having set times and set areas for certain things still lets them remember that you are around, but that they will have more things to do outdoors than watch TV and play games.

    Looking for more cheap or free things to do this summer with your kids outdoors?

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