Healthywage Review: Get Paid to Lose Weight

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Healthywage Review

My sister and I decided to give Healthywage a try and share how it works!  I will update this post as we go along.  You can sign up here, and give your weight loss journey a little financial motivation.

Healthywage Review: Get Paid to Lose weight
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Is Healthywage a real thing?

Yes!  Healthywage is a real way to make money by losing weight.

It’s totally legal, because although called “a bet”, YOU are actually in control of the outcome.

You can play with the calculator, decide how much you want to bet per month, and Healthywage will calculate how much your total prize will be at the end of your chosen time period.

If you lose the weight, you get paid.  Simple as that!

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Healthywage Rules

You can read all of the rules and legal jargon on their site, before signing up.

The main thing is, don’t try to cheat the system!  This is supposed to be fun, and motivating.

You will verify your weight at the beginning of the challenge and in the 2 weeks weight out window at the end.

To verify your weight, you will submit a video of yourself getting on the scale (grab a friend to help!)

Healthywage Calculator

I like that Healthywage wants you to feel comfortable with your weight loss goals and decision to but money behind it.

The Healthywage calculator allows you to plug and chug different numbers, increasing and decreasing the amount you want to bet.  You can change your weight loss goal, and the time it will take you.

Healthywage Review: Get Paid to Lose Weight
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The shortest amount of time you can choose is six months.  We’re in this for the long haul friends!

You can play around with these options until you are happy with your goal and total investment, with no commitment!  Try it out here.

How Much Can I Win with Healthywage?

The top prize offer is $10,000, but that’s not going to be the norm!

Healthywage calculates your prize offer based on several factors including:  how much you wager, your BMI, and current weight.

If you statistically have a harder time losing weight, your prize will be bigger.

You can increase the amount that you can win, by joining up to 10 challenges in addition to your individual weight loss bet.

You can also increase your earnings, by referring friends and family!  If you recruit a friend to play with you, Healthywage will give you an extra $40 per person.

Healthywage Review: Get paid to lose weight
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Healthywage Signup

After you calculate your weight loss prize, and are happy, you can officially signup for Healthywage and start your weight loss journey.

You can pay all at once, or in monthly installments.  I chose to pay each month, because it works better with my budget that way.

Does Healthywage Really Pay Out?

If you lose the weight, Healthywage really does pay out.

You will be paid promptly via PayPal or check if you prefer.

Yes!  Healthywage is a legit way to make money.  It is not a scam, and there is no catch.

If you lose the weight you will get paid!  Yay!  If you don’t meet your weight loss goal, the money goes toward paying other participants.

You must achieve and maintain your weight loss goal during the selected time period (minimum of 6 months).

Healthywage Success Stories

Still not convinced that Healthywage is right for you?  You can read some amazing success stories here, and then get after it…and get PAID!

Why should you make a Healthywager?

Financial motivation can boost your likelihood of success.  It’s a fun way to head toward your weight loss goals, and earn a nice little prize in the end.  Sign up here and get started!

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Let me know if you sign up, and update me on your progress in the comments below!

P.S.  Stretch your side hustle dollars even further!  Sign up herefor my FREE budget workbook!  An 8 page workbook to organize your finances!

How to get paid to lose weight using Healthywage. This unique and creative side hustle idea is an easy and fun way to work from home and make money online.  The perfect way to earn cash online and improve your health. #sidehustle #makemoney #loseweight
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