Affiliate Marketing vs. Network Marketing

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This post contains affiliate links, which help support the blog.  Full disclosure here.  

Are you looking for a strong side hustle, or full time gig, to replace your income so you can be your own boss?  Affiliate Marketing and Network marketing are popular ways to acheive your financial goals, but you may be wondering which option is best for you?

I use both methods to make money online each month, and I’m going to break down the pros and cons of each for you right here!

Affiliate Marketing vs. Network Marketing

Affiliate Marketing vs. Network Marketing-  Which One is Right for Me?

Network Marketing (also known as direct sales, or MLM) can be a great way to earn extra income.  Many people participate in network marketing as a fun, casual side gig and do quite well.

We have all heard of those six figure earners, and that happens too, but it’s usually not over night.

If you want to make a solid, six figure income, you will need to spend the time and energy to build a large and productive team.

You are putting in the work now to build an organization, and eventually earn passive income from the team you have built.

Affiliate Marketing is when you promote someone else’s products for them.  You usually have used that product and love it, so you recommend it to other people.  When someone buys it, you get a commission.

You do not need to build a team to see large financial gains in affiliate marketing.  Your success is up to you and your hustle.  You simply promote your links on social platforms, or Pinterest, or even a blog.

Affiliate Marketing vs. Network Marketing-  Do I have the Skills?

Affiliate marketing is a great way for an introvert to earn extra income, because it’s less social than network marketing.  You will need to learn a few simple computer and online marketing skills, but you need far less “sales” skills than needed in network marketing.

Network marketers need to have excellent people skills, and know how to continually meet and connect with new people.  They must be able to build repoire, prospect, expose people to their opportunity, and close sales and recruit.  These skills can definitely be taught, however it can take a long time to become proficient in these techniques.

Affiliate Marketers need skills too, but people that struggle in network marketing often do quite well in affiliate marketing.  If you are a hard worker, and willing to stick with it and hustle, you can be rewarded out of your own efforts, instead of relying on your team.

You don’t need to know anyone, you just need to know how to use a laptop and phone.  There are several affiliate programs that have done-for-you sales funnels, so you don’t need to know how to follow up or close sales.

You only need to learn ONE skill, and that’s how to generate leads.  I have a lot of information here on my site about lead generation on every social platform.  Simply put, lead generation is collecting emails.  My favorite affiliate program, teaches you how to generate leads, and they take care of the rest.  This is why I recommend it to anyone that is just starting out in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing vs. Network Marketing- Which One Makes More Money

With Network marketing, you need to build a large team in order to increase your earning potential.  This is because the commissions on your sales can be quite small.  You need to make a ton of sales, and recruit a lot of team members to earn the big bucks.

Affiliate Marketing can be a faster way to reach your financial goals, depending on the programs and products you choose.  Online digital products and courses usually hold the highest commissions.  This is because, a physical product costs much more to produce, pack, and ship.  An E-Book, digital product, or online course can be produced once and sold many times over, allowing the owner to offer large commissions and still make good money.  I often see anywhere from 40-60% of sales on the digital affiliate products that I promote.

If you choose an excellent affiliate program, that teaches you how to create your own products, you can soon be the one selling your own digital courses and e-books to make A LOT of passive income.

Affiliate Marketing vs. Network Marketing- Show Me the Passive Income!

Affiliate income has a better potential to be automated, and you can even scale up your earnings quickly with paid for ads.  There are not as many restrictions on advertising as you may find in network marketing.  The huge commissions make the advertising costs worth it, and allow you to get your offer out in front of people more quickly so you can start earning FAST.

My #1 recommended affiliate program teaches you how to set up targeted ads on social media, if it’s something you’d like to learn.   If you treat your affiliate marketing gig like a real business, and invest in yourself, you will see crazy beneficial results.

Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing are both excellent ways to earn extra income, and they each have the potential for full time earnings if you invest in yourself and learn some helpful online marketing skills.

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