$4 Dollar Tree DIY Halloween Wreath

Shannon Cairns

October 4, 2022


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If you’re looking for a cheap and easy Halloween DIY craft project, you’ll love this Dollar Tree DIY Halloween wreath.

Dollar Tree DIY Halloween Wreath
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This is the easiest Dollar Tree DIY project ever! Seriously…anyone can do it!

And the best part is?! It literally only cost $4 to make. A whopping 4 bucks.

Move over “Tar-Jay”…we are making our own Halloween decor, and it’s budget friendly y’all.

If you have 5 minutes, and the slightest speckle of a crafty bone in your body, this DIY Halloween wreath project is for you.

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Dollar Tree DIY Halloween Wreath Idea for $4


  • Dollar Tree Wreath Form (You’ll find it in the floral/craft aisle
  • Halloween Door Sign
  • 2 Halloween Garlands
  • Hot Glue Gun and glue sticks
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Cut or break apart the Halloween door sign.

You can really use anything to decorate the wreath.

There are so many options at the Dollar Tree, for only $1!

We chose the cute three piece witch door hanger (pictured).

It was connected by ribbon so we just cut the ribbon apart, and now we have decor for our wreath.

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Take one of the garlands, and wrap it around the wreath form.

It does not need to be perfect. I didn’t even use anything to attach it!

I just started wrapping!

Once the first garland is wrapped around the wreath form, add the second garland in the same way.

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How cute does this wreath look?! Even without any other decor attached to it!

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I used a hot glue gun to attach each piece of the de-constructed door hanger to our wreath.

My son told me, he likes the wreath better without the witch parts, but I won!

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How simple was that?

You now have the perfect, cheap and easy Dollar Tree DIY Halloween Wreath for your front door this year.

I bet you are inspired to take on a few more Halloween DIY craft ideas.

Craft projects can be a bit addicting, but when the supplies are this cheap, you can stay on budget this ALL holiday season.

Let me know if you try this Dollar Tree DIY Halloween wreath!

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  1. I made this wreath and bought enough for my friend and I to craft them together. It was easy and fun, and cost was minimal. I could not find the witch hanger so I took some window clings, glued them to paperboard (Cheerios box!) and then cut them out. I also added some foam stickers of ghosts and skulls. Very cute!

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